How it works

We begin by creating an overall music identity for your eatery. Next, we identify the dining occasions that matter most to your customers and work out the right sound for each of those occasions. Say it's late evening – does your eatery draw youngsters catching-up with friends or wanting to wind down, or is it perhaps star-crossed lovers out on dates? Our Occasion Sounds are curated collections of handpicked songs that deliver the experience your customer is looking for, distinct for each occasion.

Get a taste of our Occasion Sounds

Occasion Sounds for
Pubs, Bars & Breweries

Occasions Sounds for all the moments that keep people returning to your pub/brewery for
celebrations, companionship and good times.


Music that creates a warm cocoon of camaraderie

Power Lunches

For the Busy Bees and Corporate Suits out on power drinks


Romantic rhythms to get things steamy


Relaxing, put-your-feet-up music for the after-work, stressed out crowd


The perfect late-evening pick-me-up to get people in the boogie down mood


High energy dance anthems that get the fire burning on the dance floor

Occasion Sounds for
Casual dining, Cafes and Bakery/Deli

High in character and energy, expect these selection of sounds to offer many moments of
pure hum-along joy.

Manic Mornings

Get-up-N-Go morning kickstarter music

Mellow Mornings

Easygoing sounds to ease you into the day


Music that creates a warm cocoon of comfort for people to reconnect

Get Together

This is the sound of grand festive celebrations

Gastro Nirvana

Fusion of familiar sounding melodies that manage to sound fresh & exotic


Calm, soothing sounds for a chill, tranquil staycation


Uplifting passionate sounds that create a cozy, intimate ambiance

Cozy Brunch

Warm sounds to relish with lazy mid-day meals

Comfort Craving

Hearty sounds to pair with hearty meals bursting with flavors

Occasion Sounds for
Fine-dining, Themed, and Family Restaurant

Ranging from sophisticated highbrow to homely familiar, Occasion Sounds here are full of
surprises, equal parts soulful and vibrant.

Power Lunches

Sounds that are equal parts power and style

Gourmet Dining

Classic, sophisticated sounds as exquisitely crisp and delicate as vintage wine

Romantic Date

Classic love ballads for the incurable romantics


Warm sounds to relish with lazy mid-day meals

Family Celebrations

Blend of warm, sentimental sounds for those big family get-togethers

Gastro Nirvana

Blend of stylish, edgy electronic sounds. Expect the unexpected


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