How does Jukebox work?
Looking for the perfect music for your venue?

We have got that covered for you. We offer a 15 day free trial for your better understanding. Once you share the details of your venue, we will create a unique set of login credentials for you to start with. Get your free trial

Can I use it on my personal phone?

Jukebox service is purely for commercial use. However, you can use your mobile device to play music in-store

How much does it cost?

The price per month ranges from INR 1500 to INR 3500 per month.You can check our product pricing here.
For further queries, drop us your query here

Do I need internet to play from Jukebox?

No. Jukebox does not work only on live streaming. Jukebox runs seamlessly without an active internet connection. However, you would still require internet connection for:

  1. Downloading the jukebox Player on your system or mobile device
  2. Change the music remotely
  3. Auto-Updating playlists
  4. Instant tech support

How is Jukebox different from playing songs from pendrive or YouTube?

We provide:

  1. Custom curated playlist which suits your venue and audience
  2. One-Click Download: We are all about using what you have! Functional across all devices (POS, Mobile, Tablet, Desktop or Laptop) for Android and Windows. Our player can be used with your existing sound system.
  3. Automatic Music Updates: No more downloading new music and keeping track of new content. Our team of 50 music curators ensures that your selected playlists get updated every fortnight thus avoiding any rants from repeat customers.
  4. Easy Accessibility: Access our dynamic dashboard on any device to change music on-the-go. Moreover, when you have 2 branches or 200, our centralized dashboard helps you effortlessly manage music across all outlets.

Can I customise the music as per my/company’s needs?

Based on our data of more than 1 Billion streams, our ambiance experts, custom curate music for your place based on venue type, target audience, cuisine, location and other relevant parameters like brand tonality, mood-based curation, festive/event curation and so on. We also entertain any and all requirements for in-venue audio ads and voice-overs.

What are the features?

  1. Sound normalization: Between the highs of Beyonce to the lows of Barrow White it shouldn’t feel like your eardrums are on a roller coaster ride. Our volume normalization feature ensures it falls as smooth as velvet on your ears.
  2. Cross Fading: How we all hate awkward silences. You won’t find those in our music programs. One song fades smoothly into the next and next and get the gist.
  3. Music Request App: Customer is king, right? Let your customers request their favorites from your pre-approved playlists using our free music request app.

How does requesting of songs work?
Can I request songs of my choice?

You can request songs from your pre-approved playlists using our free music request app. Venue listing is based on geolocation which means you can request songs only when you’re in the outlet!

Will the songs play on my phone?

Your requested songs will play inside the venue.

I am not able to request.

Try to toggle on/off your location on settings.

How can I change the music?
Can I play my own songs?

We would be more than happy to create a custom playlist containing your favourite tracks.

How can I add new music?

All playlists get updated. Frequency of the updates depends on the playlist type and genre.

Where can I search the songs from?

You can check the tracklist by clicking on any playlist.

Can I control the music for all my venues centrally?

Sure you can!
Just login to:
Enter your login credentials. On the top left corner of the home page, there is a drop-down where you can select the preferred venue. You can change the schedule.


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