Music tuned-in to your
business needs.

Whether it’s lively music for boisterous daytime celebrations or
energy-packed-dance-anthems for night life revelry at your restaurant, your search for
the best music for all your dining occasions ends here.

Introducing Jukebox Studio

Remember back when restaurants used to personalize their music selection to their customer’s experience? Neither do we.

That’s the point though. We just wanted to do something about the agony of sitting through randomly selected songs playing on repeat in eateries or the horror of listening to ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ over lunch at the local café (btw, we love the song but it’s best left in 2005 where it belongs)

The Era of Personalized Music Playing is upon us

Songs your customers want to listen to at 8pm over dinner with friends are not
the songs they want to boogie to at 11pm.

As your dining occasion changes so should your music

You wouldn’t serve breakfast menu at dinner time or weekday menu over Sunday brunch, so why play music that sounds mind-numbingly same?

Delivering what people want to listen to, exactly when they want to hear it, after considering where they are – local café for coffee on a date or big family brunch at the chic fine-dine – is our mission.

We create occasion sounds that mean something to your customer’s experience.

But what are Occasions?

Situations that lead consumers to your restaurant. We are talking corporate power lunches to youngsters catching-up over the latest gossip to foodies wanting to enjoy their favorite meals.

Now what are
Jukebox Occasion

Collection of handpicked songs that delivers the experience your customer is looking for, distinct for different occasions.

We have 25+ such Occasion Sounds for you to choose from.

With our Occasion Sounds not only are you covered for your regular dining occasions, but also the unexpected ones like sudden birthday celebrations.

Looking for something custom-made? We will be happy to make Personalized Occasion Sounds for your restaurant.

To Discover How We Create Distinctive Occasion Sounds

Now Let’s Talk Setup

1-Click download
We are all about using what you have. Functional across devices (POS, mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop) and platforms (Android & Windows), our player can be used with your existing sound system.
Offline Playing
If you suffer from those pesky connectivity issues, don’t worry. Our system caches music data and it continues to work even when without internet.
Easy Accessibility
Access our dynamic dashboard on any device to change music
on-the-go. Moreover, whether you have 2 branches or 200, our centralized dashboard helps youru effortlessly manage music across outlets.

Features that make your
Eatery Sound Better

Sound Normalization
Between the highs of Beyonce to the lows of Barry White it shouldn’t feel like your ear drums are on a roller coaster ride. Our volume normalization features ensures it falls as smooth as velvet on your ears.
Cross Fading
How we all hate awkward silences. You won’t find those in our music programs. One song fades smoothly into the next and next and next… you get the gist.
Music Request App
The customer is always right, right? Let your customers make song requests from your pre-approved playlists using our free music request app.

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