The Best Beer and Music Pairings Every Pub Needs

We are constantly surrounded by sensory stimuli, like sound, sensation, scent, and colour—all of which influence our taste. We wouldn’t think music would have such an impact on taste, but science proves otherwise.

Since drinking and listening to music are both sensory experiences, it makes sense that they affect each another. In fact, the flavour perception of beer can be greatly enhanced by listening to the right jams.

As per a study published in Frontiers in Psychology done with The Brussels Beer Project and English band The Editors where the focus was on the influence of background music on the beer-tasting experience, it was found that rock music pairs best with malt beers that have a roasted grain flavour, slight sweetness, and notes of spice and/or chocolate. Continue reading “The Best Beer and Music Pairings Every Pub Needs”