Art of Clicking Insta-worthy Dishes

Capturing an Insta-worthy picture is tougher than it seems. There’s one thing that distinguishes a good picture from a bad one – does the photo tell a story? Is it a composition that tells a story about the food item or just another snapshot of food sitting on a plate?

Here are few things you can do to capture pictures that are sure to enliven your restaurant’s Insta page.

  1. Capture a moment in food. It can be anything – the spill of powdered sugar, syrup pour or even an egg yolk oozing out. It creates a sense of drama that gets people more interested and involved.
  2. Think beyond the plate to what’s going on around it. A picture of someone taking a bite out of a muffin with sprinkles or crumbs strewn all over the table is more likely to garner likes than a muffin sitting artfully poised on a plate. It makes people feel like they are there.
  3. Take a lot of pictures. One might have a better focus while another could be sharper than rest.
  4. Always opt for a natural light source. It fills the picture better, and shows the shadows in a nicer way.