You have known us as bc jukebox

When we started out 3 years back restaurants still played
music DVDs on repeat, holding DJ nights was the high
point of customer engagement, and the expected
response to cross-fading was ‘What’s that now?’.

So much has changed.
The future of music and customer
engagement has changed.
And so have we.

Introducing the new us,
jukebox studio.

Rather than simply curate music and deliver unlimited
music genres at the touch of a button, we give you
handpicked collections of
personalized sounds for different dining occasions.

With Jukebox Occasion Sounds not only are you
covered for your regular dining occasions, but also
the unexpected ones like birthday celebrations,
big party gatherings.

We are so excited for what’s to come, and look forward
to many more years of bringing you products and
services that keep you and your customers delighted.

Cheers to another year of great music
and customer happiness!

Vaibhav Antil
COO, Co-Founder